Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Seeing as this is my first ever blog, I'll start with a little introduction of myself and as to why I decided to do a blog now. Well first off, I am/was(tight budget at the moment) an mp3 player junky :P. I like to buy mp3 players test them out and then give away any that seem to be needed more by someone else I know.

I am a high school senior right now, trying to get into graphic design as a career, as well as reviewing mp3 players and some headphones and IEMs later in the future hopefully.

ill post an uboxing video of the JVC HA-S700 series headphones as a mark for my first post of hopefully many on mp3 player and headphone reviews. And hopefully if I review enough products I could get some recognition from companies to send me in some demo players to review and test out.

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